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I love challenges! I have done a plenty of silly things only because I felt challenged to do them. For example, I once challenged myself to join a Chinese speech competition after attending a three-month Chinese language course (twice a week, 100 minutes each). I ended up saying nothing but introducing myself, telling the audience and the judges that Chinese is unbelievably difficult to learn, but if you try hard enough, you would be able to learn it well. That was all I could say at the moment. I didn’t win, but I have answered my own challenge!

I once helped an old lady carrying a 20-kilogram rice bag, and walked with her to her home, only because someone challenged me to do so.

Once, in a debate competition, our team (Jenny-Astrid-and-I) was totally blank about the matter being debated, and I challenged myself to give a 7-minute speech with only three or four short sentences written in my cue cards (one sentence was written in each card to make them look thick). I was lucky enough to finish my 7-minute speech without having the adjudicators fell asleep. We even won the debate! I found myself quite good with story telling instead, haha… ^^

Christmas Eve is coming, New Year is too, and I find myself facing a brand new kind of challenge. This time, it’s not about how to survive. It’s how to stay HAPPY, CONTENT, and GRATEFUL for what God has given to me.

I would be working all through the holiday season (with an exceptional day off on December 25th). If I could do my job happily, and if I could feel God’s presence and blessings while working, then I would proudly say that I have answered my own challenge, again!

It shouldn’t be so difficult, or should it? ^^

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