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It was sent to me in October/November, 1996. It’s quite big, heavy, yet considered fragile, therefore it wasn’t sent by cargo. A cousin of mine helped carrying it along in his car while traveling from Muntilan to Jakarta. It wasn’t a high-tech instrument, you can’t insert a disk or CD for it wasn’t equipped with such facility. Yet the black-and-white fella was received with joy.

After living for three months without playing music, its presence really brightened up my life. Suddenly, living in a place far away from home was not so difficult anymore. All I had to do was playing it, singing several songs, and suddenly my 3mx3m (boarding house) bedroom felt like home!

I guess the magic lies within the black-and-white fella, and the songs also. The right songs can help you feel like home. For example if you’re used to singing “Desaku Yang Kucinta” in your bathroom at home, try to do the same while moving to a new place. The very song you used to sing would make you feel like home (at least it worked for me ^^).

Sometimes my roommates would gather in my rooms, and we would sing together. Then we found out that our beautiful ‘Nyak’  from Bukittinggi also has a beautiful voice!

When I moved to the second boarding house, my fella and I helped a friend practice singing for a religious music album! I wondered why she didn’t take part in competitions like Indonesian Idol or something. With her voice, supported with her good look, she might win and becomes our idol ^^

When I was about to leave boarding house and move to an apartment in Tanjung Duren in 2006, I thought of sending my fella back home. The apartment was quite small, and my fella definitely needed some space.

I’m glad I didn’t send her back! Not long after moving to Tanjung Duren, I was gifted to have a classic vocal lesson with Renata Lim, one of the best classic vocal instructor in Indonesia! Of course I would always need my fella to practice. Until now.

In its twelfth year, the fella is still in a perfect condition. It never lets me down. It’s a keyboard ^^

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May Hatred, Anger and Fear exist in dictionaries only, for the Love and Blessing of Jesus Christ have erased them from our hearts forever! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…!!! ^^

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